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The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority - East covers three consolidated districts: East Jefferson Levee District, Orleans Levee District, and Lake Borgne Basin Levee District.

Our mission is to ensure the physical and operational integrity of the regional flood risk management system, and to work with local, regional, state, and federal partners to plan, design, and construct projects that will reduce the probability and risk of flooding for the residents within our jurisdiction.

The SLFPAE provides up-to-date alerts on Flood Control
Structure Openings and Closings via SMS Text messages
and Email on the following structures:

Bayou Bienvenue /Bayou Dupre Sector Gates
Caenarvon Sector Gate
Lake Borgne Surge Barrier Gates
Seabrook Sector Gate

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Flood Protection Authority Proposed New Organizational Structure March 9, 2017 Staff Meeting Presentation and Feedback Portal:

Presentation of new organizational structure by the President of the Board of Commissioners at the March 9, 2017 staff meeting



Public Notices:


The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East (SLFPAE) East Land Bridge feasibility study may be downloaded by clicking here.



Custodian of Public Records:

Nyka Scott, Executive Counsel
New Orleans Lakefront Airport
Terminal Building, Suite 225
6001 Stars and Stripes Boulevard
New Orleans, LA 70126
Telephone: 504-262-8922
Email: nykascott@slfpae.com