FPA Flood Protection Authority Gate Closure Status
For additional information please call the Orleans Levee District Emergency Operations Center at 504.286.3140
National Weather Service

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Marker on GateStatusComment
Seabrook Complex
(Sector Gate)
Sill Elevation:-18.0 ft
Open Width:95.0 ft
GIWW East Closure Sector Gate
(Sector Gate)
Sill Elevation:-16.0 ft
Open Width:150.0 ft
GIWW East Closure Bypass Gate
(Barge Gate)
* not a navigational floodgate
Sill Elevation:-16.0 ft
Open Width:150.0 ft
  Closed The bypass channel gate at the GIWW East Closure structure is closed due to the potential of a tropical event. The main channel remains open. Notice to all Mariners: The closure of the bypass channel gate may cause higher current velocities in the vicinity of the GIWW East Closure Sector Gate. Mariners are advised to use caution when navigating through this structure.
Bayou Bienvenue Lift Gate
(Vertical Lift Gate)
Sill Elevation:-8.0 ft
Open Width:56.0 ft
Gate Elevation:33.0 ft above 0.0 NAVD 88
Bayou Bienvenue Flood Control Structure
(Sector Gate )
Sill Elevation:-10.8 ft
Open Width:56.0 ft
S-06 Closed due to high tides
Bayou Dupre Sector Gate
(Channel Floodgate - Sector Gate)
Sill Elevation:-12.5 ft
Open Width:56.0 ft
BD-1 Open due to high tides
Caernarvon Sector Gate
(Sector Gate)
Sill Elevation:-10.0 ft
Open Width:56.0 ft
  Closed Caernarvon is currently closed for maintenance and is expected to reopen before the end of June 2017.